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The Best Beach Gear is a site dedicated to the most functional, quality, and useful beach products available. Here you will find my reviews and recommendations on beach chairs, beach umbrellas, beach carts, beach bags, coolers, inflatable kayaks, surf fishing gear, camping equipment and more. The products recommended have been used and researched by our experienced beach team, me and my girlfriend. We laugh when we see a family arrive at the beach with a car full of stuff. It takes dad two or three trips from the car, or hotel, to the beach. We recommend products that make the trip to the beach easier, more efficient, and less hassle. We do not actually sell any products, this is free advice provided for you. We provide you links to the etailers that sell these products. Feel safe in clicking the links, they are secure and these are very trusted online stores. We started The Best Beach Gear because we love the beach, and we want you to enjoy your trip. There is no place we like better than the beach and we hope you feel the same way. So please take care of the beach, pick up your litter and leave it cleaner than when you arrived. Also respect the others around you, they are trying to relax and have fun too.



Great Beach Chairs:

Besides the beverages, a great beach chair could be your most important gear. For a regular beach chair you can go to a drug store, Walmart, or Target. So I am going to show you a really cool chair by Sport-Brella, that has an umbrella attached. This chair is sold by a company called SKLZ. I know this company because they also sell sports training aids. This chair combines a comfortable seat, with the shade of and umbrella, in a easy to carry package. You can't beat killing two birds with one stone. I think you will be happy with this purchase. I have also added the Kesyus Canopy Chair. Another great two in one product.

Sport-Brella Chair - 360 Degree Sun Protection                                              

Sport-Brella Chair - 360 Degree Sun Protection               Kelsyus Wave Beach Canopy Chair (Blue)


Rio Ultimate Backpack Beach Chair w/ cooler Pouch             High Back Rio Beach Chair - 5 position LayFlat - Set of 2 Chairs

All For Color Resort Collection:

All For Color is a great company that makes great beach accessories for the ladies. There you will find great looking beach cover ups, oversized beach towels, beach totes, beach lounge covers, sunglass cases and more. The quality and selection at All For Color will make your shopping choices easy. Click here to see the entire Resort Collection and look at the pictures below. 


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