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Let's talk about a couple of other important products that make your beach trip easier and more enjoyable; a good cooler and a good beach cart. I see people hauling the worst coolers and dragging the cheapest carts out to the beach. When you have inadequate equipment it actually makes more work. If you purchase a quality cooler and beach cart they will last you for many seasons to come. So don't shy away from what you know is good because you think the price is to high. Spread the expense over several years because the cooler and cart will last.  Watch the video below of me using my ABO Gear Beach Lugger Trolley.

The beach cart I use is the ABO Gear Beach Lugger Trolley. I chose this cart because it folds up nicely, will hold a lot of my gear, and the wheels are large enough to roll on the sand. When looking at a beach cart you need to think about what type of sand is on the beach. If your beach has soft sand like the Alabama Gulf Coast and the panhandle of Florida, then you need large balloon like wheels. If you have small thin wheels they won't roll and you will drag the cart through the sand. Dragging a cart through the sand is harder than carrying your gear. My ABO Gear Beach Lugger typically carries two beach chairs, my Igloo Ice Cube Cooler, and one or two beach bags. This is a great quality cart.    Read More Reviews on the ABO Gear Beach Lugger

     Find The Best Price on the ABO Gear Beach Lugger Trolley

Other beach carts I really like are from Wheeleez, Wonder Wheeler, and Genji Sports. They have really big wheels that roll beautifully on the sand. If they had the Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart and/or the Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart when I was purchasing my cart, I probably would have bought one of them. I have seen people on the beach with the Wheeleez cart and they are nice. The Genji Sports Cart has added the Wheeleez wheels to their fishing/beach cart, making it roll much better in the sand. The Wonder Wheeler has made some nice improvements by adding wider wheels. Take a look below and I have featured these products and more. Read More Reviews on the Wonder Wheeler   


  Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart        Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart - Easy Roll Ultra Wide Wheels       Genji Sports Fishing Cart/Beach Cart


  Folding Beach Cart by Wheeleez


I personally have two coolers that I take to the beach. It depends on what I am doing and how many are going as to which cooler I take. My main cooler is a hard plastic igloo Ice Cube. I think it is a 48 qt cooler. When I go to the beach with my girlfriend it holds all of our drinks, our lunch and snacks. This cooler does not have wheels because cooler wheels don't roll in the soft sand of the gulf coast. I am very pleased with this cooler and I like the fact that it is a cube and not rectangular shape. It fits in the back of my vehicle and on my beach cart better. When I go to the beach by myself to fish or use my kayak I use my smaller, soft sided collapsible coolers. I really like having a collapsible cooler, they are easy to carry and can be easily stored when they are empty. I like the Polar Bear Soft Coolers. They are well made, keep ice for a long time, and are leak proof. This cooler fits in a beach bag or in the front of my Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. Make sure you buy a quality collapsible cooler, or they will leak, and a leaky cooler is a useless cooler. Between these three coolers I am covered for any occasion.

I wanted to give you a little more information, and more detailed review of the Polar Bear Coolers. I own the 24 pack cooler, and it is great. I not only use it for the beach, but use it to take lunch and drinks with me to work. I am a golf instructor in Mobile, Alabama. I will pack a sandwich, a couple of drinks, and other items for my lunch. I will put about three scoops of ice, from our ice machine, in the cooler, and leave it in the back seat of my car. Now you can imagine how hot my car can get on summer days in Mobile, AL. The Polar Bear cooler will hold ice for over 12 hours under these conditions, and never leak. The Polar Bear cooler is Fantastic. Watch the video below of me and my Polar Bear Cooler.   


Igloo Ice Cube Cooler (48-Quart, Ocean Blue)       Polar Bear 24 Pack Soft Cooler                  Polar Bear 6 Pack Soft Cooler

Polar Bear now makes a back pack cooler. It is made with the same insulation and material as their other coolers, it just comes in a back pack. It will hold 24 cans and a bag of ice. Perfect for one person or a small family. This is great for the beach!!

Polar Bear Back Pack Cooler

The Best Beach Fishing Carts:

Many people who like the beach, love to do some surf fishing, like me. Me, I am a one fishing pole kind of fisherman, so I can easily carry my surf fishing rod and reel combo with my beach gear. I see many surf fishermen with up to 6 rods. They get them all in the water at the same time to better their odds on catching that trophy fish.

If you are that type of fisherman, you need to have a great beach fishing cart. The components that make the best beach or surf fishing cart are wide wheels, ample storage for your fishing gear, and plenty of rod holders. One other feature I like to see on a beach fishing cart is a good cutting surface. Many surf fishermen use live bait, and having a good cutting surface is essential for live bait.

Take a look below and click on the link of the cart that catches your eye. Especially look at the Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart. It collapses flat for easy transportation. This would make an excellent beach cart for beach goers.

The Berkley Sportsman Pro fishing cart would also make a great cart for someone who has a smaller vehicle. It will fit right in the trunk of a car, or the back seat.

If you have a larger vehicle and lots of fishing rods, take a look at the Fish-N-Mate and Reels On Wheels SNR Fishing Carts. They both have nice bait cutting boards and lots of rod holders. Both of these carts come with an optional liner, which makes the cart hold the little things very well.

The Sea Striker Beach Cart is a great beach fishing cart for the budget minded angler. It has lots of rod holders, great wheels, and is very sturdy.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!!!


                                           Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart                                                 Berkley Sportsman's Pro Fishing Cart


   Fish N Mate (No Front Wheels) Sr Cart                                  Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner Fishing and Beach Cart

Reels on Wheel - Snr Fishing Cart Select Options: No Liner

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