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Fishing is a great activity to enjoy at the beach. Whether you catch a lot of fish or not, it is nice to be on a beautiful beach getting your line wet. I have two different types of rod-n-reel combos. One is a 6.5 ft lighter weight spinning rod-n-reel combo, and the other is an 8 ft surf fishing rod-reel combo. I use the smaller one when I am standing in the water and holding the rod, as I am doing in the picture to the left. I can fish with live bait, frozen shrimp, or artificial bait with this outfit. It is heavy enough to handle a big fish, but light weight enough to feel and have fun with the small fish. If you only want to own one fishing rod, this is the type outfit you want. You can find nice outfits for as little as $39.95, a mid range price would be $80-$100, and you can go up from there. As the price goes up the reels typically get better, so choose wisely. These spinning reel combos can be used in salt water as well as fresh water. You will want to rinse them thoroughly after fishing in salt water. I chose the mid price range for this rod.
Fishing Gear at

The other type of rod-n-reel I use is a surf fishing combo. The difference here is in the size and weight. Surf fishing rods tend to be longer, and stiffer, so you can cast them farther into the surf. This rod also handles the heavier weights and sinkers you need to hold your bait in one place in the current. My surf fishing rod is 8 ft long and is a two piece for easier transportation. The reel on this combo is  bigger and heavier than my other spinning reel. This outfit will handle larger fish and line. As you can see in the picture to the right I use a rod holder when fishing with this rod. This is what I call relaxed fishing. I throw the bait out in the water, put the rod in the rod holder, take a seat in my chair with my favorite beverage, and wait. I didn't spend as much on this surf fishing combo as my other rod-n-reel. I found this Diawa Dwave on sale at Bass Pro Shops for about $29.95. I think it originally sold for $79.95, so I got a good deal. I have been very happy with the performance of this surf fishing rod. The point is you can find fishing gear at all price ranges. If you fish for pleasure like I do, I think a lower to mid range spinning rod-n-real combo will do the trick. Fishing Gear at

If you are as fortunate as I am, you live near a beach where you can camp. This is a great time. As you can see in the picture to the left, I am putting together a little charcoal grill at my camp site at Johnson Beach in Perdido Key, FL. This is the beach my girlfriend and I like to visit. It is a national seashore, so there are no buildings, and you can camp on the beach in the designated area. This is great to do in the spring and fall when the nights are cool. Other than the equipment I have already discussed, the only other things you need are a tent and a blow up mattress. We use a 4 man pop up tent. It is really easy to put up and take down, is light weight, and makes a great beach tent. You must know how to anchor tents properly to make your tent beach effective. I use some special stakes that are like little pouches. I dig a shallow hole where the stake will go, fill the pouch with sand, and bury it leaving the tie down strap sticking out of the sand. These stakes stay in the sand in the wind. Regular stakes will pull out of the sand easily in a wind. The second piece of equipment is the blow up air mattress. I made the mistake of thinking the sand would be soft to sleep on, WRONG!!! It was like sleeping on concrete, so get a mattress. I also have a rechargeable pump that blows it up in seconds. Find all of the beach essentials for camping below.  

I have less than $500 invested in my beach, fishing, and camping gear. I have had it all for over three years, equal to one night in a hotel room each year. Now I am not saying that we don't stay in hotels at the beach, because we do, but owning this beach, fishing, and camping gear gives us options. Look at the sunset in the camping picture above. Wouldn't you love to be there, cooking on the grill, enjoying a nice glass of wine or other beverage with your significant other. What a great way to get away and relax. Look at the equipment below, it should handle your needs. Enjoy the beach!!! Camping Gear at

Tents, Tent Anchors To Make Your Tent Beach Effective, and Blow up Mattresses:


                Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent                           Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent 


Exped Snow and Sand Tent Anchor (set of 5)      
Coleman Quickbed, Queen                  Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump

Don't forget a beach cart to help haul all of your new gear!!
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