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The Best Beach Umbrella

Have you ever been at the beach, had your umbrella stuck in the sand and open, when a gust of wind turned your umbrella into a kite, or inside out? I have, and I have seen it many times. It is really funny when it happens to someone else, but not funny when it happens to you. When you use a beach umbrella you always seem to be adjusting the umbrella to make sure it stays in place. This is why I don't like to use an umbrella at the beach. Until now!!

Things all changed last summer on my families beach vacation. My sister brought a beach umbrella that was great. Even as my fathers Tommy Bahama umbrella was being turned inside out, hers was standing firm. Why? Because the umbrella my sister bought was made of wood!!

She said a friend of their's, who owns two beach houses, told her what to look for in a beach umbrella, and here is the list.
  1. The best beach umbrella is made of wood
  2. It has a wood pole and wood splines
  3. The best beach umbrella also has a pin to hold the Umbrella open
I have now purchased my own wooden beach umbrella. I bought the MJJ Sales, 6.5ft Wood Tilt umbrella. This is a great Umbrella. It has great colors, a sturdy pole and splines, and comes with a nice carry bag. The tilt feature is very nice seeing that you don't have to move the umbrella or your chairs as the sun moves. Just tilt the umbrella and you will stay in the shade. The size is also great. It makes the perfect amount of shade for two people, but is not so big that it is cumbersome to carry. I am very pleased with my purchase. In the picture below you can see my umbrella, all set up for an afternoon of relaxation by the water. If you want a larger umbrella MJJ also makes a 9 foot wood umbrella. MJJ Sales, 9ft Wood Umbrella


One more accessory you will want to have with this umbrella is a sand anchor. The sand anchor attaches to the bottom of the pole and screws the pole into the sand. Do not skip this product. It is very inexpensive and will make your beach life much easier. Below are pictures of the pin holding the umbrella open, the tilt feature of the umbrella, and the sand anchor.


                                                 MJJ Sales, 6.5ft Wood Tilt                                                       OliaSports® Sand Anchor Stand

More Great Wood Beach Umbrellas:

I have featured some more great wood beach umbrellas. 


7.5' Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella                                                      6.5' Shade Star Beach Umbrella

Sun Shelters:

If you have a large family and an umbrella just isn't big enough, then you need a tent or pop up sun shelter. This type of shelter allows more people to be in the shade, and provides a more social atmosphere. The most popular type of shelter is the quick pop up tent. These are typically a 10 ft by 10 ft square tent. The only down side to these tents is the weight, they are heavy. If this is the direction you are taking I suggest you also look at my beach cart page.


Quik Shade Commercial C100 Instant Canopy with Half Wall, 10x10-Feet        Caravan Canopy M-Series 2 Pro Canopy Kit - 10 X 10-Feet

If you want a lighter option you can try the sun shelter by ABO Gear. It has a UV blocking material that is spf 50. It uses light weight poles and easily pops up.


ABO Gear UPF 50+ Tripod Shelter                                                                   

More Personal Beach Sun Shelters:

If you are still not an umbrella person, don't have a big family, but need sun shelter at the beach, take a look at these options. Sportbrella makes a really cool shelter that can be used like a tent or an umbrella. It will easily cover two people and is easily transported. Also look at the Genji Sports instant pop up beach tent. This would be a great sun shelter for a little kid. They could get in their and play with their toys and stay out of the sun. Any of these options make a great beach sun shelter.


Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella                                                                 Genji Sports One-Step Instant Push Up Hexagon Beach Tent (Tall)
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